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MOMS Club® of Framingham, Massachusetts
MOMS Offering Moms Support
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The Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) Club of Framingham aims to provide support, friendship, and a sense of community to Framingham moms and their families. The MOMS Club of Framingham is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and we welcome all Framingham moms to join us! We offer our members opportunities to meet and connect with other moms in town through:

·         Weekly, age-specific playgroups.

·         Monthly MOMS & Munchkins meetings.

·         Play dates at members’ homes and local parks.

·         Trips to child-friendly destinations in the area.

·         MOM’S Night Out events.

·         Community service projects.

·         private members-only Facebook group, as well as an online forum, that allows members to quickly and easily communicate information about events, ask questions and chat with one another. forums that allow members to quickly and easily communicate with each other.


About the MOMS Club of Framingham

“Sistered” by the MOMS Club of Ashland in 2009, the MOMS Club of Framingham was founded by a small group of Framingham MOMS who wanted a chapter in their own town and saw a great need for support for moms in Framingham. When they established the MOMS Club of Framingham, our founders were all members of the Ashland chapter, which grew too large to continue accepting members from outside of their town. Today, the Framingham chapter is growing quickly. We offer a variety of activities for MOMS and their children. Most of our activities take place during the day, when full-time and part-time at-home mothers most need the support. We strive to support all moms in town – from those who have infants to those who have older children in school and whether you stay home full-time, work full-time, or work part-time.  We welcome you to join us!


About MOMS Club International

The MOMS Club is an international, non-profit organization. Founded in 1983 to support at-home mothers, there are now more than 2,000 chapters and 100,000 members in the U.S.! To learn more and to find other chapters, please visit